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Hello, ponylova713 here. I have made some physical and story changes to one of my main OC's, Light Rod, and soon to be all f my other pony OC's. Unless they change their manestyles for a special event, like the Gala, their manestyles will remain the same, just like the ponies in the show. Light will no longer have her powers. I decided to get rid of the to make her seem less Mary Sue-ish. If you want to see her updated biography, here it is:
MLP OC Bio's: Light Rod [WIP] by ponylova713

MLP OC Bio's: Light Rod [WIP]
Base belongs to: MLPBlueRay 

Edit: Yes, I have gotten rid of her powers. I didn't want her to seem too "Mary Sue"-ish.  Now she's a normal pegasus. I've also made other changes, too.

Name: Light Rod
Nicknames: Roddie, Rodster, Lightning, Green Eyes
Age: Twenty
Gender: Mare
Species: Pegasus
Occupation: Helps clears the skies in Ponyville
Special Talent: Flying, Air tricks
Mane/Tail: Black
Fur: Tan (Buttermilk)
Eyes: Green (Harlequin)

Likes: Flying around, having fun, singing, being a weirdo

Dislikes: Other ponies messing with her family/friends, ponies getting in her way, being put down

Parents: Lightning Speed and Sapphire Glow
Grand Parents: Ruby Shine and Emerald Blitz (Mother's side)
Siblings: Sparkle Tune (Younger), Kireina Hana (Adopted | Older)
Cousins: (Not available yet)
Aunts/Uncles: (Not available yet.)

Friends/Enemies (WILL BE COMPLETED):
Mane Six (Now technically eight including Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer)
String Strummer
Jasmine Jewel
Sugar Foot

| Brave at times | Can't be frightened easily | An extremely huge sense of humor | Will forget very easily if not paying attention | Can get mean when other ponies bully her, her friends or her family | Will hide her feelings for a bit, then soon let them all out |

Relationships (So Far):

Father - Light and her father have a great relation ship. Ever since she learned how to fly, Lightning would teach her how to do loop-dee-loops and other various air tricks. The two are always watched by Sapphire, just to make sure that Light wouldn't hurt herself too badly. When she soon became a teenager, they did grow a bit distant. When the family moved from Canterlot to Ponyville, her father was always there for her, even though they lived in separate houses. When ever Light was hurt, Lightning and his wife were always there to comfort her.

Mother: Light loves her mother to death, but sometime she can be to overprotective. Ever since she was able to walk, the mother had always protected her child. When Light was a little filly she said her mother was pretty and wanted to be like her, so she always had Sapphire put her mane in a ponytail so she could look just like her mommy. Sapphire would always allow her daughter to sleep with her when ever she had a nightmare. Now, Light and Sapphire would sometimes do each others manes and/or tails, resulting in beautiful or funny results. Sometimes being an overprotective mom can be a good thing.

Sparkle Tune - Sparkle was born by the time that Light was one, being an age behind her. The pony always loved music and dancing so she would need sometime to he self to dance for a bit. Sometimes the she would let Light join in to sing and dance with her. When they were older, the unicorn would sometimes have to take up for her little sister, since other ponies were being mean to her. When they were teens and Light began to stand up for herself, the pony would join in with her mother to teach Light how to be more confident. Sparkle Tune now lives with her two other sisters in Ponyvile.

Kireina Hana - Kirena was adopted by the time Light was five, but she was an age ahead of her, making her the oldest of the siblings. Growing up, Kireina and Light had a few fights, resulting in the not getting along so well. But after some time, and after their mother made them wear a "Get Along Sweater," they managed to get along well (manly because they agreed on wanting their mom to get rid of the sweater). After learning she was adopted at her teenage years, she grew angry and became distant from everyone, but Light was always there to talk to her about it. She may have not been a blood relative, but her and Light would be sisters in their hearts.

Jasmine Jewel - Friends with each other since they were adults, Jasmine was socially awkward just like Light, but when they met, the two became friends quickly because of that. Jasmine was still a bit nervous around new ponies, meaning Light would sometimes have to introduce her to the other pony. The pegasi would always make comments about the blank, half-closed eyed face she had, saying it would make her look bored or suspicious. The pony rarely ever smiled unless she was meeting somepony new, or something cool or interesting was happening. Light would always drag her her along on the whacky adventures she has, resulting in making the adventure better than it already would of been. These ponies would never end their friendship, no matter what.

Mane Six: It all started when she met Rainbow Dash while helping to clear the clouds. Light and Rainbow always challenge each other to race from cloud to cloud. Rainbow would win most of the time, but Light was never a poor sport about it. Pinkie Pie and Light would always taste test sweets and have parties together. Light never really minded Pinkies...'Pinkieness', considering she was 'unique' herself. Rarity would make Light dresses and accessories for special occasions, like the Grand Galloping Gala. Sure, sometimes Rarity always suggests to help do her mane from time to time, but Light likes her mane the way it is. Fluttershy was shy, as usual, when meeting Light for the first time, but soon got used to having her around. Light would always visit her cozy little cottage to see how she's doing with her animals. When first meeting Applejack, she got to see nearly all of the Apple Family. The pegasus would usually go home with either a full tummy or a few apple foods for later. Light was so happy to meet the element of magic, Twilight, and her little helper, Spike. Light loved to hear about all of the lessons Twilight learned, especially when she got bored. 

String Strummer - Light and String used to be great friends that would always get along, but when Sparkle was dumped by String in the harshest way possible, Light's hatred for him was born. She always would protect her sister whenever he would come around. It was mlike as if she was her guard dog. This would result in verbal or physical fight every time their paths crossed, forcing a friend or a family member to break it up, or for one of them to become victorious. The female pegasus always hated being near him, but sometimes she would try her hardest to be nice, even though he broke her sisters heart.

Light was born and raised half of her life in Canterlot, then later moved to Ponyville. As a filly, she loved to be by herself at times, but when she started going to school, her social awkwardness soon began to go away. She would always be at home, flying around, or out with her family. Light never stood up for herself or others a lot, making her seem weak. The pony used to wear her mane in a ponytail. Up until she was a teen, she used to be the shy, quiet pony, but one day, when some mean colts were making fun of her friends and family, her anger took over her and she did something she never thought she could do. She began to retaliate. She told the two colts off, but was slowly getting angry while doing so. Once the sister snapped her out of it, the colts ran away. The pegasus soon learned to stand up for herself and others around her. By the time Light turned eighteen, the family moved to Ponyville. Light soon begins to help clear all the clouds in Ponyville, resulting in her meeting Rainbow Dash. The Rainbow maned pegasus soon introduced her to the rest of her friends, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Twillight Sparkle. The pegasus now lives her happy little life in Ponyville, learning more about the magic of friendship.
MLK: Scorpion
Base by: Skrapsu 

:fire: :fire: GET OVER HERE!!:fire: :fire: 

I really enjoyed making this one! I loved how I did the shading and the blending. I could not make my own fire background so I used one I found off of the internet, I am really proud of this one.

MLP FiM belongs to Lauren Faust
Mortal Kombat belongs to Neatherrealm Studios

Scorpion (Tournament) MKX icon 


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